The Doggone Basics

$198 + GST

Next Classes:  

Wednesday, March 4 at 6:15 pm, ending on April  8th.

Wednesday, April 1 to May 6 at 7:30 pm

6 Weeks        

About the Class

Do you have a young dog aged 5 months and up? Are you looking for what class to take after Dogspaw’s Puppy Kindergarten? Or perhaps your dog has never attended a formal training class before. Have we got the class for you! Formally known as our Mind Your Manners Class, this 6 week class is suited to young dogs and inexperienced dogs new to the safe, but distracted environment of group training.

Yes, your dog may know how to sit when at home, but what happens when you are out in public? Or when other dogs are present? What happens if you are not holding treats? We are aiming for solid behaviors in this class and introduce some of the most doggone basic cues that owners want.

Here’s what we will do:

Sit When I Say

Down without Negotiation

Stand for ______________(foot wipe, harnessing, grooming, etc.)

Stay for Real

Wait, Patience Please!

Watch Me

Touch for Fun and Focus

Leave It…. Seriously

Rover Relax

Start Recall Foundations

How does this class differ from Mind Your Manners? The opportunity for focus on busy or young dogs will be discussed to help solve some of the problems that arise with a “teenaged dog.” This class enrollment is held to 6 dogs, but they must be dog friendly. Those that bark and lunge excessively should consider private sessions first, or ask about our Reactive Rover Class. Our first week is for humans only so we can discuss body language and learn some important training tips. Attendance to this first class is mandatory.