Manners Refined & Therapy Dog Prep Class

Special Daytime Class: July 10 – 31 at 2:00 for 4 weeks priced at $110

Deadline for registration: July 3* 

* The class requires a minimum number of participants to make it effective. Class will be postponed to a later date should the enrolment be too low.

What’s the difference between the regular 6 week class and the one for 4 weeks? In the mini-class of 4 sessions, we will touch on approximately 12 skills/items needed in preparation for the CAAWLS test. Less time will be spent in class practicing, with more emphasis on the dog owner working at home on skills presented. This has been planned with educators in mind, due to their holiday schedules, but will be helpful for all dog owners wishing to polish their dog’s current basic obedience. The 6 week class will include a few more items, including experience with a cat present in the room, and a number of sights and noises that do appear in the CAAWLS  test. Both classes are taught by one of the evaluators of the test.

Next Certification Evaluation Dates at Dogspaw for CAAWLS Wellness Dogs :June 24 and July 29. Contact CAAWLS for registration details and for answers about the certification process.  Dogspaw does not arrange the appointments for evaluations, this must be done through CAAWLS. Should you have specific questions about the testing or guidance from a trainer, you may email directly.  

About the Class

You and your dog have successfully completed Mind Your Manners Class, so why not move ahead with the challenge of Manners Refined Class? This 6 week class offers the opportunity to perfect and expand on skills learned in our Mind Your Manners Class or a basic manners equivalent. A pleasant family companion? Or if you have ever considered having your dog certified as a therapy or wellness dog, this is the perfect class, as a variety of distractions will be presented while practising important commands and skills required by dogs involved in rewarding work with the public. There is a high emphasis on polishing your dog’s skills, with exposure to unusual sights and sounds, all in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Dogs attending this class must be dog friendly. This class is taught by one of the CAAWLS therapy dog evaluators, Kris Rooney, B.Ed., CPDT-KA.