Leash Loonies & Recall Runaways

Next Class Scheduled: Mondays, April 20 – May 4 at 7:30 pm

Does your dog pull on leash, wander from one side of you to the other, or sniff and stall while you are trying to walk? Maybe your dog has selective hearing when you call?  Two of the most common complaints dog owners have are: “My dog pulls on leash” and/or “My dog doesn’t come when I call.”  Dogspaw is offering a new 3 week class that concentrates primarily on those issues. This class is suited to dogs who are dog friendly and have some basic skills in place, knowing Sit, Down and Stay. If your dog is reactive (lunging, barking) when on leash, this is not quite the class for you, and Reactive Rover Class may be a better choice. As weather permits, we will find ourselves outside on the street or in Dogspaw’s fenced yard to learn some tips for teaching your dog better leash manners and improved recall.  $99 + GST

Note: This class is greatly influenced by weather conditions. This may mean it is subject to shorter class time in the case of heat and safety of the dogs.