Growl Class

Tentative date for next round: TBA.  

Note: Private Training sessions are available when Growl Class is not running.

$100 for Consultation
$190 for Growl Class

Behavior Modification Plans start at $165

About the Class

Does your dog have difficulty dealing with other dogs and/or people? Are your walks more of a chore than a joy, as your dog lunges, barks or reacts to the environment around you? It can be challenging and frustrating being the owner of a reactive or aggressive dog, but there is hope.

Our Growl Dog Class provides you with tips and skills to assist you in managing your dog’s behaviour. Using training practices that are based on scientific research into how dogs learn, you will be instructed in how to begin to change your dog’s response to objects, animals and/or humans. The first class is without dogs so owners may learn important foundation skills, including how to read canine body language. Attendance to this introductory class is absolutely essential, and it it highly recommended that owners plan to attend all classes to get the full benefit of the program.  Part of the class is conducted in our classroom with barriers up between the dogs to enable them to remain calmer. A large portion of the class takes place on the street, where most problems arise, giving the owner an opportunity to practice skills taught by our experienced behaviour specialist.

Each dog must participate in a consultation prior to admittance to the class to ensure that Growl Class is a good fit for you and your dog. Some dogs may benefit from following a personalized Behaviour Modification Plan prior to coming to a class. The class is limited to an enrolment of only 3 dogs to ensure each participant receives individual attention.

Consultations are presently being conducted for the next class. Call soon to arrange your consultation with our behaviour specialist!