CAAWL-ing All Wellness Dogs!

$132 + GST

Class starts at 7:30 pm on September 17 and runs until October 8. Should there be a need or a makeup date, it will be on Thursday, Oct. 10.

4 Weeks

Do you have a dog that LOVES people and attention? Do you have time on your hands that you and your dog would like to share volunteering in your community? Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society (CAAWLS) has partnered with Dogspaw for the past 3 years, using our CPDT-KA trainers as their advisors and evaluators. This amazing, caring group is always looking for dogs (or cats) that are suitable for work as wellness animals. They can even help make it possible for you and your dog to work as a wellness team in independent environments like schools, senior’s facilities or counselling situations. Evaluations are held monthly most of the year and we here at Dogspaw can help you prepare for that evaluation.

Here’s What We’ll Do

Making an Entrance

Calm with Kitty

Sit Means Sit

Stay, Seriously

Dependable Downs

Meeting Dogs/Humans Without Chaos

Doggie Indifference (mind your own business)

What the Heck is That? (umbrellas, odd wheeled items, medical equipment)

Oh, Oh! You Dropped That Sandwich (leave it)

Dogs participating in this class must be dog-friendly and must have completed a group manners class with success. It’s extra helpful if a dog has completed Dogspaw’s The Basics Plus Class to polish their skills.

Dogspaw does not arrange the actual evaluation. Contact CAAWLS to apply for a testing slot. The next evaluation date is September 29. See their website for more details