Beating the Winter Blues

Brrrrrrr! This winter has been brutal and the cold is supposed to last into March! Say it isn’t so! 
Next Scheduled Class: Thursday March 7 – March 21 at 7:30 pm

Price: $85

About the Class

Do you wish you knew of a way to occupy your dog to burn off extra energy? Is your dog finding unacceptable ways to entertain himself and you need ideas for things to do as the weather gets colder? Join us for Dogspaw’s Beating the Winter Blues Class. This 3 week class offers ideas on ways to busy your dog’s brain so that everyone’s stress level is lowered! Our professional trainer will play games in class,  teach some new tricks, and if you have some specific ones you would like your dog to learn, be sure to bring your requests to class. You will also learn great tips on providing doggy puzzles and activities that are affordable and entertaining. All are an important part of providing your dog with mental stimulation, with the added bonus of doing fun things with your canine companion. Dogs participating must be dog friendly and have completed a Basic Manners class so some basic skills are already known.