3 – 6 Week Training Classes

Ready to buckle down and do some serious training? Our semester programs offer
a variety of dog training classes including a great foundation for those are
just starting out, those who want to further their dog’s training education
and have some fun, or working helping a reactive dog learn that outside
doesn’t need to be a scary place!

Training Classes at Dogspaw

Growl Class

A class geared for helping reactive dogs cope with stressful situations and
provide owners with tips and methods to make time with their dog outside
an enjoyable experience.

Mind Your Manners

Everybody likes a polite dog!  This class will introduce your dog to the basics and give him the foundation to further his education later in life.

Manners Refined & Therapy Dog Prep Class

This class will build off of the foundation laid in Mind Your Manners and is geared towards polishing your dog’s skills. Have you considered volunteering with your dog for wellness or therapy visits? Manners Refined can help prepare for the CAAWLS Therapy Dog test and is taught by one of the evaluators.

Radical Recall

Everybody loves when their dog comes when called.  This 3 week course is a great way to lay the foundation for a reliable recall, plus, it’s a ton of fun! Next class starts Monday, Sept. 25 at 6:15.

Beating the Winter Blues

How do you keep yourself and your dog from going stir crazy when it’s cold and dark outside? Come learn new tricks, games and activities.