K-9 Connection & Communication

The Mystery of K-9 Connection and Communication does not need to be a puzzle to dog owners. Dogspaw is pleased to offer a mini-seminar to assist you in learning how to read your dog’s body language. This is a critical skill to have, to ensure that you are aware of when a dog is afraid or under stress and may take possible action to relieve that pressure. Of course we will share information on how to recognize relaxed and happy dogs as well! This seminar also includes some training tips, designed to make communication and training with your dog clearer. Our power point presentation is designed for humans to watch, so please leave your dog at home.

$30 to register, call our reception desk to reserve your spot

Next seminar:  Monday, June 17 at 7:30 pm

K-9 Connection & Communication is a required piece of our Mind Your Manners Class and is scheduled as the first week’s activity. If you are already enrolled in Mind Your Manners, you are automatically registered for this seminar. Daycare Clients, Puppy Socialization participants and any dog enthusiasts are very welcome to register and attend as well. We’d love to have you join us!