Behaviour Modification Plans

There are times when it is not advisable for your dog to attend a class. Our Behaviour Modification Plans make it possible for you to work with your dog at home, at your own pace, following a personalized plan. Some dogs may not be comfortable in a classroom setting, but require the structure and routine that training can bring. Our plans are formulated based on a one-on-one consultation done at our facility, with your dog present. Upon completion of the behaviour consultation, dog owners will receive a written plan to follow. Support via phone or email is available, and you are welcome to arrange for additional private sessions if you feel you need further help. A Behaviour Modification Plan can build foundation skills required to prepare your dog for group classes, offering you the opportunity to practice skills learned while in the safety of a controlled atmosphere.

Contact us to arrange for a Behaviour Modification Consultation, $100. Pricing for the Behaviour Modification Plan starts at $165 and is determined by the nature of the issues presented by your dog.