Is daycare the right choice for my dog?

Dogspaw welcomes any dogs that are well socialized with both humans and other dogs.  In our daycare, we have large dogs and small dogs separated and we also separate dogs according to energy level and play style. Daycare can be useful for providing socialization, may help ease the stress for a dog who has separation anxiety, or just needs an additional outlet to burn some extra energy!

We believe that each owner deserves to know what happens while their dog is in daycare and we keep open lines of communication in regards to any behavioral issues we’re seeing.  We will do our best to come up with a solution if a dog is having difficulties adjusting to daycare, however, if we feel that your dog isn’t experiencing a positive benefit from attending, we let you know.

What vaccinations does my dog need to attend daycare?

In order to attend Dogspaw Daycare, your dog needs to have these current vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • DHPP
  • Bordatella (kennel cough)
  • Flea/Tick Preventative (April to October)

Pets under holistic care or those who are not medically able to receive vaccinations are required to bring in a current health clearance letter from their veterinarian.

From April to October, we have a flea and tick preventative program in place.  This application is done every 30 days and we require proof of application to update our records.

We have flea/tick applications for sale in our store for your convenience.

Dogs over the age of 7 months must be spayed or neutered.

How old does my dog have to be to come to Dogspaw?

At Dogspaw, we stress the importance of socialization in the development of a dog’s life.  We will accept dogs of any age for daycare, however, if your puppy does not have his first three sets of shots, we do require a letter from your veterinarian. We offer a safe and controlled environment for the young puppies in our puppy socialization class.

Do I need an appointment?

We believe we can provide the safest environment for your dog if we have booked appointments.  This allows us to staff accordingly and structure our playgroups with compatible dogs.

Same-day bookings may be available but are not guaranteed. Please phone first to confirm we have the space.

I have a small dog. Will he be safe?

We have our dogs in playgroups sorted according to size and energy levels.  We have two separate daycare areas for big and small dogs, and each of those can be divided into a different areas as well.  We do our best to match each dog with compatible play buddies so they have a fun and stress free day.

It’s my dog’s first day. What do I need?

We need to have a Daycare Registration form filled out, which can be completed prior to their first visit or it can be filled out when you drop them off.  We also need to see a current vaccination certificate, including the bordatella (kennel cough). We require them to be checked into daycare between 6:30-7:00 am. They will be one of the first dogs in daycare and have a chance to explore the facility and meet dogs coming in for that day one at a time instead of meeting everyone at once later in the day.  This keeps stress minimal and makes the experience positive and fun!  You will receive a report card for your dog when you pick him/her up from their first day outlining some of the events of the day.

Daycare registration form & Waiver

Can my dog get sick from attending daycare?

Dogspaw has the highest standard of cleanliness and all areas of the daycare are disinfected with a veterinarian grade disinfectant nightly.  Messes are cleaned up immediately, and a cleaning schedule is strictly followed.

As with human daycare, there is always a risk of communicable diseases.  While all of the dogs in our care are required to have the same vaccines, the bordetella vaccine is not 100% effective.  It can greatly reduce the symptoms, severity, and duration of the illness.  Bordetella is essentially “doggie flu”, and can be transferred from saliva, through the air, or by germs on contaminated surfaces.

We will post (in our lobby and through social media) if we have had a dog with bordetella come through our facility.  If you suspect your dog may have it, we ask that you please leave your dog at home until all symptoms have passed.