Mind Your Manners

Next class:  Thursday September 21 at 7:30 pm

Price: $175

About the Class

Everyone appreciates a well behaved dog, but becoming one doesn’t happen
by accident. Does your dog ignore your commands, bark, chew or jump up?
Mind Your Manners Class can assist you in dealing with those issues. Our
Manners Class covers Sit, Down and Stay – but goes beyond the basics in a relaxed small class atmosphere, with emphasis on understanding dog body language and building a strong, happy relationship with your dog.

This 6 week class is appropriate for dogs 5- 6 months and older, offering an opportunity to introduce your dog to basic commands while in a safe environment. Mind Your Manners is an excellent beginning class that can lead to other activities, including Manners Refined, Beating the Winter Blues, Radical Recall and Sporting Scent Detection. The first week, dogs do not attend so that we may share important information about dog body language and training tips to be aware of.