Puppy Classes: Drop-In Socialization

A new puppy? Lucky you! But, now what? How do you ensure your pup gets off to a good start to grow into a polite, well adjusted member of your family and the canine community? Let Dogspaw’s experienced puppy trainers help! Puppy Classes for socialization are a drop in class, enabling your 8 – 16 week old pup to join us at any point and attend as many classes as you wish. Pups are allowed to attend until 20 weeks, depending on their size and social needs.

How will Puppy Classes Benefit my Puppy?

Think your pup is too young to learn? On the contrary, it is best to begin
training immediately, as the window for optimum social learning begins to
close by the age of 6 months. It is critical to expose your puppy to many
safe social situations and meet as many humans and dogs as possible, all in
the safety of a supervised environment. In Puppy Socialization Class, your pup
will be introduced to a number of stimulating environmental scenarios, a variety
of humans and dogs, and have the opportunity to segments of supervised play. During the
puppy classes,  our trainers will answer questions and provide information to help you steer
your dog in the right direction.

Please phone by 2:00 pm on or before Thursday to register your pup for each class, leaving a call back number just in case we need to contact you prior to class. Bring along records of vaccines done to date (at least one set of shots are required to attend, then appropriately updated as your pup ages) and plan to arrive a few minutes early to fill in paper work. You are welcome to attend as many classes as you wish. For safety we aim to limit classes to 6 – 8 puppies. 

Thursdays at 6:15 pm

Rescue puppies with foster families are welcome to attend any of our classes for free. Please provide vaccine records and documents demonstrating which Rescue Group the puppy is with. 

Registration: $13 per class or $52 for a 5 class pass. Please remember, even if you have purchased a pass, you must call in to reserve your spot for the day you wish to attend class.